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I grew up in Iowa on an onion farm with my mother’s dance studio in the basement. I’m a mid-western girl through and through, but have now developed a twist of New York attitude and a love for New Jersey hoop earrings. I started my website because every actor I know seems to have one and I thought why the hell not do one too. So, this site is about me, ALL ABOUT ME!!!! Not really, I am not the type that says “hey look at me, see what I’m doing, don’t ya love me?” But on this website… Hey, look at me, see what I’m doing and tell me if ya love me!!!


I have performed on Broadway for over 10 years including the hit show, Mary Poppins.  I also teach dance, theatre, voice, yoga and pilates throughout New york City. My main obsession right now is designing and making jewelry for my web store


Please visit my store  to shop or browse my jewelry designs and let me know what you think on my contact page.  Thanks for visiting. 



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